My name is Aida Aicha Bodian and I created Nebua World to democratize professional success and access to entrepreneurship for women. My parents immigrated to Italy in 1992, when I was 5 years old. I grew up getting to know and appreciate Italian culture, its history, people. I have a strong sense of community, present in me since my earliest age and growing up I saw myself increasingly in the natural role of mediator between different realities. In 2017, I also founded an advocacy association.

Vocational training on technology and media

After studying tourism, I worked for a media intelligence and advertising agency. I then trained in the field of communication and digital technology. I always thought technology was a good way to spread our own thoughts around the world. That’s why I created in the past a community to promote the beauty of diversity and a blog to tell my dual identity and a different Africa.

From fashion, as work and passion, to writing to rediscover our humanity

In 2018, I moved to France and worked as a Sales Advisor for an Italian fashion and luxury Maison. In 2019 I presented, at the Afro Fashion Week in Milan, 2 collections: one of the organic cotton t-shirts, to promote positive messages of acceptance of African beauty and the other with the wax fabric, to promote creativity. In addition, in 2020, I published a book “The Words of Humanity” a memorandum of 23 words and values translated into 24 different languages to rediscover our humanity and our relationship with others.

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Latest articles from our blog

Almaz textile design x Nebua Showcase

Almaz textile design for Nebua Showcase

It’s a pleasure to introduce “Almaz textile design” for our Nebua Showcase. What’s your Brand name? Almaz textile design Where can we find you? http://www.almazdesign.it What’s your brand’s sector? Fashion Let’s talk about your brand. Could you share with us

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We open Be N-Side: watch our new teaser

We open the doors to our community Be N-Side for one week! Watch our new teaser!https://vimeo.com/695169921 Join women from all over the world to share and inspire. Enjoy an immersive experience that combines personal and professional growth. Side by side,

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Luisa Wizzy Casagrande

Her name is Luisa, Italo-Nigerian of blood and fact, and, incidentally, Veneto-Biafrana (a term she adores immensely, because it contains the essence of two worlds apparently antipodes, but viscerally united by a similarity from the human cut). She adds, however,

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