Angela Haisha Adamou

Her name is Angela, she was born in Correggio in 1989 to Ghanaian parents. She grew up in this town that increasingly lives as a safe place to hide, especially when returning from travel and business trips.

Her profession has its roots in a blog (NaturAngi) opened in January 2014 and dedicated to the care of afro hair. Among the main purposes it has to give references to be able to (re)take advantage of its own aesthetic connotation that in the past has been stigmatized and poorly told. It is a push to (re)discover, tell and proudly state who she is.

To inspire her activities are the answers to some needs that the outside world does not give her. She couldn’t get a job, so he put what he could do on the plate and made a profession out of it. The models of her life were the women of her house who created his wonderful Afro-Emilian family, not for blood but for heart.
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