Be N-Side

Join women from all over the world to share and inspire.
Enjoy an immersive experience that combines personal and professional growth.
Side by side, we amplify our voices.

Why the community Nebua World

We believe that a new way of doing business

Generating a strong social impact and creating value for society is our mission. We live in extraordinary times: rich in opportunities, but at the same time fragile. We are surrounded by new opportunities, but we feel more and more alone.

The ecosystem that surrounds us (people, beliefs, experiences, habits) can either be disadvantageous or beneficial to us. It is up to us to recognize it and to decide to change to change that ecosystem.

This is where Be N-Side, the Nebua World community comes in. Our vision is grounded on the desire to build a sustainable ecosystem that highlights people worth, their time and the impact they can generate.

In Nebua World, we have always been proponents of the power of unity: it’s harder to go far on our own. Through community, we promote the spirit of collaboration, connection and interaction across boundaries and sharing of resources.

We embrace the principle of sisterhood n its simplest and purest sense: women who can help other women to facilitate mutual growth through the support and values of a community.

Giving value to one another is the best way to create value for ourselves.

Aida Aicha Bodian

From N-Siders, by N-Siders

Be N-Side is the community where you have the opportunity to:

connect with women of African descent and women of other backgrounds who have an interest in the African continent, from different parts of the world, with different social and professional backgrounds;

be a source of inspirationon for the whole community and at the same time draw inspiration from the experiences of others, whether similar or different;

confront, to comfort and find solutions to challenges and difficulties, stimulating a practical application of collective intelligence in deepening your personal and professional growth path;

belong to a community of changemakers and close-knit individuals who also have the desire to develop social and innovative projects;

enrich yourself with new knowledge and perspectives, developing a new creative ecosystem aimed at promoting values such as sisterhood, mutual growth and uniqueness.

Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. In fact, that's how the world has always changed.

Margaret Mead

Dedicated to you

Who the Be N-Side community is for

Women of African descent looking for a space to come together and engage with the experiences of other women both professionally and personally.


Women of African descent who want to create and/or develop a creative, social or entrepreneurial cultural project.


Non-African-descendant women who have emotional and/or professional interests in the African continent and want to connect with its diaspora.


What you will find in Be N-Side

By purchasing a subscription to the community, you will have direct access to the private member area with dedicated spaces for confrontation and debate.

In-depth online sessions on topics related to personal and professional growth, trends and African creativity.

They are laboratories of reflection and exchange, a process of collective intelligence in small groups allowing to identify common concerns, situations of difficulties for which we seek to find pragmatic solutions, by sharing experiences and good practices.

Through a showcase space in the community and a dedicated promotion on our social channels, we promote member projects in 6 categories:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty & Wellness
  • Art, Culture & Media
  • Food & Hospitality
  • Design & Decor
  • Personal & Business Development

Each member of the Nebua World community brings value, passion, competence and professionalism: from where the "Baraka" bank was born

Each registrant offers one hour of their time available to someone else and may receive others The principle is to be useful, through an online call or even physically, if possible

With inspirational people who will share their own career and personal success stories

with interviews of Role-models
business tips
case study
advertising spaces

for the participation:
on-demand workshops and training courses
to our MeetUp and other networking events
offers and benefits of our partners

A monthly recap to stay up to date on everything that’s going on in the community, even if you can’t keep track of everything.

Get your own profile out there to be found + find others N-Siders to connect or collaborate with.


What people think about

Subscriptions to the "Be N-Side" community are currently closed, subscribe to the newsletter to be updated at the next reopening, or apply for one of our collaboration programs.

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