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Let’s light up women leaders of tomorrow.

Nebua World is the business platform and global community of women who have a bond with Africa and wish to develop their career or professional activity.


Together we go further, together we grow, we improve and we build the world we desire.

We work to create the community that represents us as women, entrepreneurs and an active part of positive change.

Do you want to develop your projects and your professional and personal life?

Nebua World designs together the ideal ecosystem that makes it for you!

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Our mission is to develop an international community where the exchange, the discussions, the events and networking’s moments can bring wealth, freshness and quality contents.

Through innovative visions and entrepreneurship we transform and inspire the society.

Aida Aicha Bodian

CEO & Founder

On the road to excellence

We teach, support and enlighten the women who are building the world of tomorrow.

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Let’s work together!


Nebua World vous emmène à la découverte des histoires de femmes qui laissent une empreinte positive et plus inclusive dans la société.

  • A photographic journey that gives importance to names, faces, expressions, shades in black and white or color.
  • A special focus on representation, diversity, communication, media, the power of our stories.
  • Discover the first issue of #Wearenebua “Stories in black and white of a feminine Italy in color”

Number 1 / October 2020

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