My name is Aida Aicha Bodian and I created Nebua World to democratize professional success and access to entrepreneurship for women.

My parents immigrated to Italy in 1992, when I was 5 years old. I grew up getting to know and appreciate Italian culture, its history, people.

I have a strong sense of community, present in me since my earliest age and growing up I saw myself increasingly in the natural role of mediator between different realities. In 2017, I also founded an advocacy association.

Vocational training on technology and media

After studying tourism, I worked for a media intelligence and advertising agency. I then trained in the field of communication and digital technology. I always thought technology was a good way to spread our own thoughts around the world.

That’s why I created in the past a community to promote the beauty of diversity and a blog to tell my dual identity and a different Africa.

My mission with Nebua World is to develop an international community where the exchange, discussions, moments of events and networking can bring value and wealth.

Through innovative visions and entrepreneurship we transform, inspire society and reveal a different narrative of women.

From fashion, as work and passion, to writing to rediscover our humanity

In 2018, I moved to France and worked as a Sales Advisor for an Italian fashion and luxury Maison.

In 2019 I presented, at the Afro Fashion Week in Milan, 2 collections: one of the organic cotton t-shirts, to promote positive messages of acceptance of African beauty and the other with the wax fabric, to promote creativity.

In addition, in 2020, I published a book “Le parole dell’umanità” (Les mots de l’humanité) a memorandum of 23 words and values translated into 24 different languages to rediscover our humanity and our relationship with others.

They support us

Latest articles from our blog

Nebua World for WomenXImpact

We are happy to inform you that Nebua World is community partner for WomenX Impact. Womenx Impact is the most anticipated event in Italy dedicated to women leadership to be held from 18 to 20 November 2021 at FICO Eataly

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We Are Nebua, the magalog of Nebua World

The first issue of the magazine #WeAreNebua is a photographic journey between Milan and Bologna to discover the stories of extraordinary women in their ordinary and ordinary in their extraordinary. Eighteen women: businesswomen, artists, sportsmen, institutional representatives, students, models, activists.

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Nebua World

The place of women in workplace Gender inequalities in workplace are still present in France, in Italy and throughout the world. Despite the efforts made, the awareness that we are beginning to have on the subject and the actions implemented

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Nebua World for She Loves Tech

We are so proud to partner up with X23 srl and to share with all of you the “She Loves Tech Startup Competition 2021”. This is an incredible opportunity led by She Loves Tech to break down the barriers for

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