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Like a phoenix from the ashes, we rise. We stand like a mountain, together, to make real our unspoken dreams.

We celebrate our different identities and multipotentiality.

We are not only Black Women.

We are natural in our beauty, 

and got confidence in ourselves.

We are empathic,

we take care of our sisters,

by connecting and sharing our experiences,

our weaknesses and strengths.

We are not just Black Women.

We are bold, we dare to be free.

With awareness and style we find our voice, our place.

We are unique, 

we are the best version of us.

We inspire and envision a true creativity.

We are afropolitans,

and like the stars, we are ready to leave a sign in the universe.

We are not just Black Women.

We are NEBUA.

This is our legacy, our story.

This is your story.