Nebua World is the global platform that connects afro-centered women of talent with each other and with the best professional opportunities.

Our platform brings together African and Afro-descendant women, from all over the world. We provide services to address discrimination issues they often experience in professional and non-professional environments.
Our goal is to build an ecosystem that values the richness of connections. The platform is open to women of every background and to every business with professional interests towards the continent and the African diaspora.


Women of African descent experience discrimination in the workplace in Europe for a variety of reasons:
a) lack of recognition of skills;
b) lack of self-confidence;
c) lack of visibility and representation in companies and society in general.

Nowadays, they often feel too isolated and do not always master the codes of society allowing them to boost their professional career or a cultural, social, creative, business project.
To find solutions and make progress, these women need help, support and encouragement from a community that looks like them, understands their problems and enables them to professionally thrive.


Nebua World is the worldwide platform, built for talented women, helping them reach their full potential. Our services and activities are structured around three main axes of intervention:


Our community is thought especially for afro-descendant and afro-centered women from all over the world. "Be N-Side" is an hub for us, to gather, to unite, to mutually develop and enrich our experiences. It is not only about being together, but rather working and thriving together to generate a positive impact in society.


In addition to the benefits of belonging to a premium community, our hybrid platform offers also training services to enhance the personal and professional growth of our members. A network of quality trainers with expertise in strategic areas will follow them in their career development or project implementation.


We are at the service of an inventive ecosystem that over-rides differences and ensures equitable opportunities. We promote authentic representations of African women. We highlight talented profiles that respond to the increasing needs of businesses interested in building global and equal professional relationships and projects in Africa or involving its diaspora.

Be the first to join "Be N-Side"

Let us be a community and leave a glorious mark behind us wherever we go.

To be N-Side means to embark on a new trip, to walk together, lean on each other and stand as one.

Let us elevate each other and create our network.

They support us

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