We Are Nebua, the magalog of Nebua World

The first issue of the magazine #WeAreNebua is a photographic journey between Milan and Bologna to discover the stories of extraordinary women in their ordinary and ordinary in their extraordinary.

Eighteen women: businesswomen, artists, sportsmen, institutional representatives, students, models, activists. They are told in a photographic journey that gives importance to names, faces, expressions, shades in black and white in color.

The protagonists of the number 1 - October 2020

  • Marilena Delli Umuhoza – Bergamo – photographer, director and writer.
  • Chantal Pistelli Mcclelland – Marina di Pisa- photomodel, adaptive surf athlete and president association Unique APS.
  • Charity Dago – Born in Carpi (Mo), lives in Milano – Image consultant & talent manager, founder of Wariboko.
  • Rosanna Sparapano – Milano – Actress.
  • Kwanza Musi Dos Santos – Roma – Activist and expert in Diversity Management.
  • Semhal Tsegaye Abebe – Pisa – Artist and designer of Almaz and trekNotes.
  • Ofelia Omoyele Balogun – Bologna – Movement Artist and dancer (Moremipath).
  • Luisa Wizzy Casagrande – Lagos, Treviso – Co-founder and CEO of Dolomite Aggregates Link Nig. LTD in Nigeria, Evolutionary Anthropologist and Researcher in African Studies, Tradition & Heritage.
  • Angela Haisha Adamou – Correggio (Reggio Emilia) – Expert in copywriting and communication strategies, educator to the care of curly and afro hair, entrepreneur founder of Naturangi and La Queena Shop.
  • Reina Ailin Gomez – Firenze – Hairdresser expert in curly afro, natural hair stylist.
  • Evelyn Sarah Afaawa – Muggiò – Entrepreneur (Nappytalia) and consultant for the care of curly hair afro, curvy model.
  • Aicha Seck – Born in Milan, lives in Giussago (Pavia) – Make-up artist.
  • Noelle Carla Burt – Rimini – Student psychopedagogic high school and activist.
  • Desiré Liliane Banco – Firenze – Student in Economic Development, International Social and Health Cooperation and Conflict Management in Firenze.
  • Marwa Mahmoud – Reggio Emilia – Council member Municipality of Reggio Emilia, president of the Board Committee.
  • Francesca De Gottardo – From Pordenone in Friuli, she lives in Milano and is the co-founder and CEO of Endelea, expert in social media management in the fashion and culture sector.
  • Ludovica Narciso – Roma – founder of Kube Community and Content Strategist.

The Magalog #Wearenebua also creates a space of confrontation with non-african-descended women who make our travel companions.

They are allies, friends who listen, understand, build bridges, help amplify our voice.

With them we recognize a part of a single humanity that sees in intelligence, care and inclusion the key qualities to leave a mark on the world.

Discover the full publication

In this issue a special focus on representation.

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