WomenX Impact: proud to partner up to empower women worldwide

On 18, 19 and 20 November 2021, at the FICO Eataly World in Bologna, WomenX Impact, the first international event dedicated to women’s leadership, was staged.
More than 150 speakers from all over the world alternated in the 3 conference rooms, a total of 1600 people  followed the international summit, conceived by Eleonora Rocca.


Nebua World’s adventure at the WomenX Impact Startup Competition

Nebua World as well took part in the 3-day event and not only! We also participated in the Startup Competition organized by WomenX Impact to highlight the innovative ideas created by brilliant entrepreneurs operating in Lifestyle, Sustainable & Circular, Education, Health & Fitness and finally Fintech & Insurtech sectors.

More than a hundred nominations and two rounds later, surprisingly, we were chosen among the nine finalists who were:

  • Unobravo – Online psychology service, which has created an Italian service of psychology and psychotherapy completely online;
  • Orange Fiber, the company that transforms citrus waste into fabrics;
  • Needo, designed to reconcile work and family life, improving corporate and citizen welfare;
  • Let World, the Apulian start-up that wants to revolutionize the nail care sector;
  • La soffitta di Gi, the e-shop where to buy and sell products “used with love” for children ;
  • Kymia, which uses an active ingredient derived from the waste of pistachio to produce cosmetics;
  • Endelea, ethical fashion brand that unites Italy and Tanzania;
  • FirstBlush, the startup that provides advice and finds the most suitable services for you.

The prestigious jury that selected the winning startup was composed of excellences in the field of national and international business:

  • Veronica Mariani, Founder and CEO of Premiaweb srl,
  • Giusy Stanziola, VP of unicredit Start Lab,
  • Valeria Ferrero, Head of Marketing & Business Development at Ersel,
  • Jane Lepori Director of Horizon Advisors SA,
  • Olimpia Merlo, AWS Sales Manager – Amazon Web Services,
  • Lorenza Morandini, Board member & Managing Director of Angels4Women,
  • Silvia Pugi, CSR Director of Manageritalia,
  • Davide Scafuro, co-founder and Startup’s Mentor & Investor of Pink,
  • Maria Chiara Scafuro co-founder and Startup’s Mentor & Investor of Pink

The “Unicredit Start Lab Special Award” went to the startup “Unobravo”, a well-deserved victory. Nebua World together with the startup “Needo” has been awarded the “Special Prize Pink Digital Agency”. That experience filled us with so much joy. A new goal, a starting point that reiterates the importance of the work we are doing.


WomenX Impact: a moment of pure WOW.
I recently returned to Paris, after three days in Bologna for WomenX Impact, a summit on women’s leadership and entrepreneurship. It was an event awaited by many people, one of those few granted during this delicate period.
A rich program organized at FICO, topical topics, incredible speakers.
But what did it get you?
Anyway, everything I needed at that precise moment, something worth more than the price of the entrance ticket.
I just love such events. Moments of meeting and sharing, moments of exchange of experiences, opinions, new professional contacts, new relationships, opportunities, encouragement, shy smiles and loud applausse that make you understand, if you had any doubts, that you’re doing a good job. They are moments that have no economic value, because they give you more than that. I love these events, where you arrive in a way and you leave totally changed: better, serene, loaded, ready to give tomorrow that 1% more than today.
These are the times where I don’t feel alone. And I thank Eleonora Rocca and all her team for the extraordinary work.
The startup competition in which I took part with Nebua World has amplified everything. The joy is so much, as well as the work to be done, after this new award.
Today it’s time to rest, to put ideas and emotions in order. Tomorrow we start again keeping my dear flame of passion burning. – Aida Aicha Bodian

Who is Eleonora Rocca, Founder & Managing Director of WomenX Impact

Among the first women to deal with innovation and digital strategies in Italy, Eleonora Rocca, Roman by birth and Londoner by adoption, graduated in Law with a Master in Marketing and Communication at the Business School of Sole 24 Ore and a Specialization Course in Evolution Marketing and Social Media at the IED in Milan, has a long curriculum dotted with relevant experiences in the fields of marketing and sales, from Hewlett Packard to Roberto Cavalli, Privalia, Microsoft, Kingston Technology, TP-LINK and ZONES inc.

She created her first entrepreneurial dream by founding Mashable Social on her own Media Days, bringing it from scratch to be one of the most important events in Italy in Digital Marketing, Social Media and Innovation, company of which she has been the sole administrator from 2014 to 2019 and which ends with an exit in 2020. In 2019 she was selected together with 90 other world leaders to attend Singularity University’s Executive Program in Silicon Valley.

She is now co-founder, vice-president, and Chief Marketing Officer of Horizone Group Ltd as well as Founder, Managing Director of WomenX Impact, the international event Reference point in Italy on the issues of women’s leadership and empowerment.

I am really satisfied and happy with this result. WomenX Impact was a success that allowed us to understand even more how much we needed an opportunity for comparison of this kind, entirely dedicated to leadership and women’s empowerment. The shared life and career stories have been one more beautiful and interesting than the other, and I think they have managed to hit the mark, that is to allow many people to feel inspired, strong, full of energy and with the desire to get involved much more than before”, said Eleonora Rocca, Founder & Managing Director of the event.


The new edition of WomenX Impact

After the huge success of the last edition, WomenX Impact will be replicated in 2022. The next edition, scheduled at the FICO Eataly World in Bologna and online from 17 to 19 November 2022, will in fact be the culmination of a path of growth and awareness started several months before.

According to the first gender thematic report of Almalaureate, women constitute almost 60% of graduates in Italy and, compared to male colleagues, have more experiences of Curricular internship and graduate with higher scores. However, once in the active world women end up with more precarious contracts than their male colleagues and this gap is also noticeable in the paychecks: five years after graduation, men perceive on average 20% more than women.

The most anticipated international summit of the year on women’s leadership and empowerment includes the presentation of case studies, evidence of female leadership, high managerial profiles and the stories of those who made it: Valentina Proietti Muzi of Fideuram, Ludovica Gobbi of Banca Mediolanum, Miriam Frigerio of Sorgenia, Milena Sgaramella of Luxottica, Claudia Mariani from Meta (Facebook), Alessandra Mariani from TikTok , Gaia Passerini from Windtre and Erika Fattori from Nexi, are just some of the professionals who will take the stage of the summit.
The selection of speakers, sponsors and partners of 2022 edition of WomenX Impact are still open, anyone who wants to apply can send their application on https:///www.womenximpact.com/ clicking on the section collaborate.



Olympus, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AreyouR, FIMIC, Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo & Soci, Opyn, ONOBLO and CVing are the sponsors ready to support the event and the cause of WomenX Impact. In addition to the speeches of entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, influencers and free professionals in the two conference rooms of the FICO Eataly World in Bologna there will also be two rooms dedicated to technical and practical workshops, where participants can train and learn new skills to improve their professional curriculum. In addition, there will be corners to facilitate networking and meetings between speakers, guests and participants.

The WomenX Impact community continues to grow on different social networks and on its communication channels, offering new services continuously, such as Membership and the latest Mentoring program. This year Nebua World is Media Partner of WomenX Impact, for us it is an honor to support companies that share common goals. WomenX Impact is an opportunity for inspiration, training and networking for all women who want to get more out of their working and personal lives, in order to succeed in breaking down the sadly famous crystal ceiling that still keeps them away from the top professional positions.
See you on 17, 18, 19 November 2022 in Bologna!

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